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Use a proxy to bypass restrictions while using various programs
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Stay anonymous while navigating web pages. Make various types of programs, like web browsers, email clients, database tools, and games, gain access to restricted websites and services through a proxy. The solution supports multiple proxy protocols, such as SOCKS v4, SOCKS v4A, SOCKS v5, HTTPS, and HTTP.

Proxifier can help you connect to the Internet using various proxies without the need to continually change the system proxy settings. Thus, it allows configuring specific proxy servers for each of your application. Moreover, it lets you avoid internet restrictions via connecting through virtual private networks.

In terms of protocol support, it is great that the tool allows various proxy protocols, such as SOCKS v4, SOCKS v4A, SOCKS v5, HTTPS and HTTP. It is equally advantageous that the program performs secure password transfers using strong encryptions algorithms (up to AES 256 bit). Finally, it is also compatible with practically all Windows versions.

Despite the evident complexities of working with network connections, the program is rather easy to use. For its basic use of setting specific proxy connections to your applications, it is enough to create proxy profiles and then assign one of them through the contextual menu. Luckily, creating rules is a good way to tell Proxifier what to do with a certain connection. In this respect, there are several types of rules, which let you decide when a connection is to be processed directly, through a proxy (and even a chain of proxies) or blocked altogether. It is also great that it supports using wildcards for the names of the applications and setting a range of port numbers.

Other relevant features of this application include that it can force all network connections to occur through a proxy server, a process called “tunneling”. It can also hide your IP address to safeguard your privacy. Additionally, it provides real-time information about network activities and generates logs of your traffic. It is a shame that the tool cannot provide the users with a list of proxies. It would be great that it could actually try various proxies and recommend the fastest ones.

All in all, Proxifier is undoubtedly a very helpful tool for people who usually need to deal with multiple proxy servers. It is a shame that not all users can use this product as it requires at least basic knowledge of networks and protocols. The program is shareware and its trial version can be tested for 31 days without restrictions. Gladly, there is also a portable version available.

Pedro Castro
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  • Proxy chains
  • Easy rule creation
  • Support of various protocols
  • Secure password transfers


  • Inappropriate for inexpert users
  • Cannot provide a proxy list
  • Cannot recommend the fastest proxies
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